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Our webcast's bring 1stSelect to life with audio and visual training in the core modules
of 1stSelect.
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General Overview
37 min If you are new to 1stSelect, then watch this general overview of 1stSelect and get a feel for the screens and recruitment tools

Adding Records
21 min Add a Candidate to 1stSelect (without CV). You may find yourself needing to add a candidate to 1stSelect from within the Candidate Screen. Watch this webcast and learn how to add a candidate, you will also learn more about navigating the records and fields.
32 min Add a Candidate using our CV Import And Parsing Process. Watch how you can import a CV from email, parse it so that name, address, contact details are imported automatically. See how the CV can be skilled with your Pick List words and how an email can be sent automatically when registered. You can even be alerted when a candidate falls within your job selection lists.
14 min Add a Client and Client Contact. Learn how to navigate the records and fields and add a new client with multiple contacts.
34 min Add a Vacancy to 1stSelect. Learn how to create a vacancy from within the vacancy screen or candidate screen. See how you can launch into candidate selections to look for suitable candidates and how to communicate with them. See how you can send CV's, spell check outgoing emails, set tasks to follow-up on sent CV's, arrange interviews and more.

Use The Find & Global Name Finder Tool
6 min Find a Candidate, Client or Vacancy. Learn how to use the Find button correctly with wildcard options. The Global Name Finder tool is also covered in this webcast.

18 min Make A Candidate Or Client Selection. Learn how to use the selection screen to find suitable a suitable candidate for a job or to find clients for marketing reasons, or to communicate with a selected numbers of candidate or client records.

8 min Send a Text Message (SMS). See how you can send an email to either a candidate or client. Learn how to use template or canned messages to save you time.
11 min Send an email to a Candidate or Client. Learn how to send an email to a candidate or client from with in the candidate, client or vacancy screens.
9 min Send a Candidate CV to a Client. Learn how to send a CV from the Vacancy Screen to a Client.
9 min Outlook 2003 or 2007 Emails. Learn how 1stSelect handles emails you receive or send to candidate or clients. See how these emails are stored and attached to respective contact trail records.
19 min Generate template Emails. Learn how to create HTML emails with merge codes for candidate, client or vacancy screens. Emails for Contracts, Marketing or general communication are generated and merged and sent in seconds.
12 min Generate template letters. Learn how to create MS Word documents with merge codes for candidate, client or vacancy screens. MS Word documents for Contracts, Marketing or general communication are generated and printed in seconds.
10 min Contact Blast All Your Contacts. Learn how to use the Contact Blast Centre to reach all your clients and candidates by SMS, Email or Letter. The Contact Blast Centre can even prioritise the way it communicates. Very powerful tool when it comes to reaching your contacts quickly.
11 min Contact Trail and stored communications. Learn how to resend an email or reprint a document. See how 1stSelect stores all your outgoing and incoming communications and how you can recall any item. See how the Contact Trail allows you to even view your colleagues sent emails, letters SMS, etc.